Libraries and Literacy

LPS has a strong commitment to literacy and maintains two Library Media Centers: one in the elementary school and one in the secondary school. Our vision of literacy for the 21st Century learner is broad in it’s scope and is articulated by the American Library Association.
Reading is a window to the world.
Reading is a foundational skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment. The degree to which students can read and understand text in all formats (e.g., picture, video, print) and all contexts is a key indicator of success in school and in life. As a lifelong learning skill, reading goes beyond decoding and comprehension to interpretation and development of new understandings.
Inquiry provides a framework for learning.
To become independent learners, students must gain not only the skills but also the disposition to use those skills, along with an understanding of their own responsibilities and self-assessment strategies. Combined, these four elements build a learner who can thrive in a complex information environment.
Ethical behavior in the use of information must be taught.
In this increasingly global world of information, students must be taught to seek diverse perspectives, gather and use information ethically, and use social tools responsibly and safely.
Technology skills are crucial for future employment needs.
Today’s students need to develop information skills that will enable them to use technology as an important tool for learning, both now and in the future.
Equitable access is a key component for education.
All children deserve equitable access to books and reading, to information, and to information technology in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.
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