Information & Digital Literacy

Our vision at LPS is to “leverage the power of technology to improve learning.”

According to the International Society for Technology in Education, as foundational technology skills penetrate throughout our society, students will be expected to apply the basics in authentic, integrated ways to solve problems, complete projects, and creatively extend their abilities. ISTE’s NETS (National Education Technology Standards) for Students (2007) help students prepare to work, live, and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities.

The new standards identify several higher-order thinking skills and digital citizenship as critical for students to learn effectively for a lifetime and live productively in our emerging global society. These areas include the ability to:

* Demonstrate creativity and innovation
* Communicate and collaborate
* Conduct research and use information
* Think critically, solve problems, and make decisions
* Use technology effectively and productively

While most technology skills are integrated into individual content areas, some foundational lessons are taught in a dedicated class. Links to those lessons are presented below.

Third & Fourth Grades

Fifth & Sixth Grades

Standards for the 21st Century Learner

For Parents

Instructional & Informational Technology at LPS: District Goals & Technology Plan

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